Rienks Custom Construction has been building custom residential homes in the Aspen and Basalt area since 1998. We specialize in delivering the highest quality homes at the best possible price without all the layers of management found in larger contractors. We strive for long lasting relationships with our clients. The hallmarks of an RCC home include iconic projects, master craftsmanship, clear communication, and a cooperative approach shared by the homeowner, architect, engineer, designer and our team.

Founder and owner Darin Rienks has been in the construction industry since 1984, working summers to put himself through undergraduate and graduate school in Connecticut and Colorado. He started his first construction company at 17 years old in Glastonbury Connecticut and now has become a highly reputable contractor in Aspen.

From Modern to Mountain designs, we can build your next dream home or spec project with precision. Please reach out to us via email or phone and let us discuss your next project.


  • To strive for a better use of resources and energy by recycling and reusing in order to take part in a global conservation effort to save and protect our planet 
  • To develop within the home building and remodeling industry an appreciation of the objectives and responsibilities of those who seek to own or remodel their own property 
  • To constantly improve the professionalism of the industry by producing better values for the property owner 
  • To faithfully and honestly follow material specifications in a sincere attempt to produce structures of substantial and lasting quality 
  • To cooperate and share the knowledge and experience of building and remodeling with other professionals in order to increase the general efficiency of the construction industry 
  • To encourage mutual understanding with labor, material suppliers and financing agencies, acknowledging to all the right of fair and equitable profit for their services, to the end that such cooperation shall be of long-range benefit to the owner 
  • To refrain from willful misrepresentation, false promises, subterfuge, misappropriation of funds or payments, or any conduct that constitutes dishonest dealing with employees, dealers, property owners or clients 
  • To take ownership for our actions in an effort to warranty all work performed by Rienks Custom Construction and to stand by all work performed and materials used with integrity 
  • To maintain a friendly, helpful and cooperative spirit with fellow members of the home building and remodeling industry and the public 
  • To comply in spirit and action with national, state and community laws and to encourage progressive legislation for the benefit of the building industry, and to discourage legislation which appears to be detrimental to the social, economic or political interests of the property owners, home builders and re-modelers